Do you have limited storage space at home? Tired of bulky items in your closet giving it a cluttered look? Having a well-organised home makes you feel more in control not only of your surroundings but of your life in general !

Solve your storage problems with our strong reusable vacuum pack bags

Our ultra strong space saver bags are perfect for storing your bulky or out of season items, saving up to 80% space by reducing even your biggest duvets down to a fraction of their size!

Our premium bags are only ever made with the HIGHEST QUALITY (110 Micron) DUAL LAYER premium materials for superior strength, flexibility and reliability thereby proving high resistance to rips, tears and air leakage!

Airtight, Waterproof, Odour and Dust Resistant

Our strong double zipper and screw top anti-leak air valve provide super air-tight suction and sealing power. Store the bags away in a closet, under your bed, or even in the loft or garage as the anti-microbial material provides resistance against unwanted odours, mildew, insects and dust

We won’t let you down

We strongly believe in providing only high quality products which are designed to be suitable for easy and reliable use. We treat every customer as a family member who only deserves the best – we are not happy unless you are happy ! Should you ever experience any issues with our premium storage bags, simply let us know us and will resolve that promptly for you!


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Ultra Strong Premium Storage Bags


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Key Features

Anti Leak Valve & Superior Strength

The patented ANTI LEAK VALVE system used in all our bags is designed with a reliable screw top and silicone plug to prevent any air leakage – perfect for use with any vacuum cleaner hose !

Our premium bags are all made using only SUPERIOR THICKNESS (110 Micron) dual layer flexible material for HIGH STRENGTH and RELIABILITY – making them highly resistant to rips, tears and air leakage !

Double Zipper Seal and Clip

Our strong DOUBLE ZIPPER SEAL used with the provided clip ensures an airtight seal – you can be assured that there will be no movement of air once sealed properly and compressed !

Protects your items

Our bags are fully WATERTIGHT and AIRTIGHT once sealed so your items will be protected for your peace of mind.

Once your items are vacuum sealed, they will remain as FRESH as the day you packed them !

Easy to use instructions


Place the storage bag flat on a floor or flat surface. Fold your items neatly and place into the bag and fill up to the “STOP” line


Seal the double zipper using the provided clip – go back and forth several times slowly, applying pressure to ensure a strong seal is formed


Using a vacuum cleaner or pump, extract all the air out of the bag and watch your items shrink in front of your eyes !


Seal the air valve cap ensuring the silicone plug is still intact inside the valve. Listen carefully for any sound of air leakage (repeat zipper seal step if necessary). Store the compressed bag away – nice and easy !

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Ideal for Travel, Camping and Moving Home

Ideal for Travel

Save luggage space by using our premium storage bags to compress your clothes down to a fraction of their size and get so much more into your luggage – the less suitcases you need to take with you the easier the journey will be !

Camping & Outdoor Activities

Going camping or attending outdoor events ? Pack your clothes into our premium storage bags and they will be kept watertight and clean for you while you enjoy the outdoors !

Moving Home

Moving can be a stressful time, but if you use our premium storage bags to compress your bulkier items and clothes it will greatly reduce the amount of space you need for moving and storage so will make the move so much easier when you have less to take with you !

Our Philosophy

“At Genie Space, we firmly believe that all our customers should be treated like well loved family members who only deserve the best. We will ensure that all our customers are provided with only the highest quality products and service at all times..”

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